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Therapy Services

See below for more about my offerings and fees, and then book a free consultation to meet me and see if we might be a good fit to work together. 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are one-on-one conversations where you and I explore the challenges you are facing and their contributing factors, the change you would like to see, and ways of working through stuck points. We will work with your therapy goals, but because goals can shift, I will also prioritize time for the things that are weighing most on you. My aim is that you leave your session feeling lighter, more understood, and more hopeful. Individual sessions are available in person (at my office or walk-and-talk), online, and over the phone.


Session length: 50 minutes


$140 + GST for weekday in person, virtual, and phone sessions

$200 + GST for weekday walk-and-talk sessions (Vancouver)
$142 + GST for Saturday in-person or virtual sessions at Local Health Integrative Clinic

Parents' Therapy

This is a place for parents to work through the challenges that come with the job. This can include preparing for parenthood, adjusting to life with a baby, coping with unexpected challenges through childhood and adolescence, grief and loss, co-parenting, and experiencing the "sandwich" phenomenon (caring for young and older family members simultaneously). We will explore the unique challenges you are facing, and find new ways of approaching them. We will work on the relationships in your life to bring more ease to them, and on your inner resilience and tool belt for future challenges. 


$140 + GST for sessions with one parent (50 minutes; virtual or in person)

$200 + GST for sessions with two parents (75 minutes; in person only) * note: wait list only

Relationship Therapy

*note: I am not currently accepting new clients for couples counselling. Please contact me for a referral or to go on my waitlist for September.

This is a place for you and your loved one (whether romantic partner, friend, or family member) to make changes in your relationship. As some one who has experienced couples counselling as a client, I can attest to how scary this can be, but also how profound and transformative. In our sessions, I will facilitate skill-building and communication so that you both feel heard and respected and can better care for one another. I currently offer relationship counselling sessions in person only.

Note: while I am accepting of all kinds of intimate, romantic, and sexual partnerships, I currently do not have training in CNM counselling for more than two individuals. I recognize that this privileges one dyad within the relationship, and I'd be happy to provide a referral to a trusted colleague if you are looking for polycule counselling for three or more members. 


$200 + GST for an 75-minute session (weekdays)

$167 + GST for a 50-minute session (Saturdays)

Group Therapy

The New Moms' Therapy Group will run in the Fall, 2024. This is a place for new mothers to process their experiences in community and receive cost-effective counselling support. Please contact me using the form below for more information.

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