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Therapy Services: walk-and-talk counselling

Spending time outdoor and in nature can significantly improve our mental and physical health. For me, walking in nature has been fundamental to my emotional wellness throughout my adult life. Walk-and-talk therapy combines physical activity, nature, and talk therapy to form a wrap around approach that can help with mental health in a number of ways, including:

  • reducing anxiety, depression, and stress

  • reducing intrusive and ruminative thoughts, and an increased ability to be present

  • increased energy, sense of well being, and emotional regulation.

I offer walk-and-talk therapy on walking paths in North Burnaby and South Vancouver. Please get in touch if you are curious about trying it out. 

Session length: 50 minutes

Rates:  $155 for weekday walk-and-talk sessions

South Vancouver walking trail:

walking trail

North Burnaby walking trail:

walking trail
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